Beers: Draft

Beers: Draft

Labatt Blue Light

Blue Moon

Coors Light

Atwater City Juice

Beers: Packaged

Beers: Packaged

Bell's Oberon

Heineken 0.0%


Rolling Rock

Vander Mill Honeycrisp

Atwater Dirty Blonde


Smirnoff Ice

Bud Light

Stella Artois

Michelob Ultra

Red Stripe

JK's Northern Neighbour Cider

Short's Soft Parade


Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Short's Bellaire Brown

Miller High Life (40 oz.)

Miller Lite

Modelo Especial

Corona Extra

Farmhouse Cider Midwest Nice




Gummi Bear
Raspberry Infused Vodka. Peach. House Sour. Soda.

Double Smoked Old Fashioned
Bourbon. Smoked Demerara. Angostura. Orange.

Gin and Tonic
Gin. House Tonic. Lime. Soda.

Sevilla Zima
Sevilla Orange Gin. Aloe. Calpico. Simple. Lime.

Wakeup Call
Vodka. Kahlua. Cold Brew. Demerara. Coconut.

Rock & Rye
Rye Whiskey. House Rock and Rye. Soda.

Tequila. Grapefruit. Lime. Soda.

Smokey Margarita
Tequila. Triple Sec. Applewood Smoked Lime.

Long Island Iced Tea
Vodka. Rum. Gin. Tequila. Triple Sec. House Cola. Angostura.

Cucumber Gimlet
Gin. Cucumber. Lime

BB Smash
Vodka. Blueberry. Basil. Lime. Salt.


Wines and Stuff

Wines and Stuff

Cabernet Sauvignon. Washington. 2016.

Prosecco. Italy.

High Noon
Rotating Flavors. Ask Your Bartender.

Pinot Bianco. Alto Adige. 2016.

Grenache. Nebbiolo. California. 2017

Long Drink
Traditional Citrus or Peach.


Shots & Bombs

Shots & Bombs

Green Tea

Lemon Drop

Improved Fireball

Bomb of the Day.

Non Alcoholic

Non Alcoholic

Honorable Mention
Pineapple. Ginger. Lemon. Soda.

Shot in the Dark
Pomegranate. Lemon. Orange Blossom.

Morning Air
Aloe Vera. Calpico. Lemon. Lime. Simple.

Rent Money
Cucumber. Strawberry. Lime.

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